Why Amazon Will Keep Winning

Amazon has never stopped growing nor is it likely to stop.


The growth trend has always been upward and in comparison to other e-commerce platforms Amazon had seen a phenomenal rate of growth over the years and it shows consistent promise of continuing that way and any nay-sayer of it have many a time been proven wrong.


Industry experts, critics, have always hated Amazon when it claimed in its reports that the expenses are too high. Many failed to realize that this expend was its asset, according to Nicholas Chahine of SellSpreads, making it the King “in several different verticals”.He further says “This is a company that doubled its revenues in under five years while its stock quadrupled.” It is said that the Amazon stock will keep climbing as long as the equity markets of Applicable to any stock, this is that connection which is “the” deciding factor to the crowning glory of Amazon.


• Its efficiency is unique because it takes care of both the price of the products as well as the value of its customer’s precious time, making it very attractive


• AWS web services also serve other businesses like powering start ups, streaming Netflix, and providing Cloud-backup especially to Government agencies.


• Amazon’s growth is providing more efficient e commerce experience to its customers than any other.


• Its foray into the grocery and gourmet food category has made the situation win-win for both sellers and buyers.


Groceries, which are a daily need, can be purchased from the comfort of one’s home, the parking lot woes are avoided, as is the check out queues especially in


A time efficient process that the Amazon customer experiences, at the same time it lowers hidden costs.


• Time saving is what is most valuable to most consumers and no company does it better than Amazon.


• Amazon customer is always a happy customer because they are the King here, getting all the attention they need, and endless choice of shopping.


You name it and Amazon has it.


• Amazon’s commitment towards protecting the privacy of the consumer is appreciable as the personal data is never compromised.


In fact it is used to improve the personal experience of the shopper, and to improve its own services towards them. The Amazon customer is indeed a satisfied one as Amazon’s company philosophy has been customer centric for a considerable time now.


“The first and by far the most important one is customer obsession as opposed to competitor obsession” – that’s what Jeff Bezos – Founder & CEO says about Amazon’s focus. 


Looking back we realize that at its inception Amazon only sold books, but success was by it’s side from the very beginning. The power of books was over powering, in a month’s time they had shipped books to over 40 countries and after that there was no looking back.


In 2017 it had captured 44% of the total e-commerce business in the US only and its tentacles have indeed spread far and wide.


Thanks to Amazon, Indian buyers have the ease of shopping from home and can literally shop for anything under the sun.While India’s e commerce policies have today imposed restrictions on certain cross border purchases but media sources feel that this will not be for long.


Behind Amazon’s success is its cutting edge technology and innovations, a lot of which was crafted by its CEO, Jeff Bezos. The launch of amazon echo is a case in point. Its popularity is immense and the fun is in being able to get things searched for and delivered (in the case of music especially) just through a voice command. There is so far no equal competitor for Amazon Echo.


Amazon will keep winning as it has shown no fear in diversification, and as said before, name it and you have it on Amazon.


The shopping experience on amazon is incredible, so far the sellers of Amazon are also fairly content about the selling process and the guidelines. Seemingly, there will never be a dearth of sellers or buyers on Amazon anytime soon.


Amazon is the most trusted name amongst the e-commerce platforms and has billions of satisfied customers. The tools of navigation are amazing even for a novice and customer service is world class in any part of the world.Amazon understands the consumer behavior on ecommerce markteplaces fairly well, as they are seated over a mine of e-commerce Data which is second to none.


Distribution centers worldwide enable them to ship goods quickly and their communication channels with vendors are commendably good and makes the dispatches really prompt.


The Amazon customer is always popular with “returning” customers because of the experience it provides to the buyer. Its easy return policy makes the overall experience even better. To add to this “amaz”ing-ness, its FBA (fullfilment by amazon) model is the cherry on top. For small and medium sized sellers, Amazon takes care of the total fulfillment flow, well hold – not done yet, amazon’s 24×7 customer support removes all roadblocks in all local languages of the marketplaces.


Amazon will keep winning, as it expands it provides more employment. Amazon India created approximately 90,000 seasonal jobs for the ongoing Great Indian Festival Sale.


It is “discounts galore” every other month and Indian buyers are passionate about them. As if this was not enough, Amazon prime membership plan was introduced and since then is evolving regularly and offers a plethora of prime services.

Is winning a philosophy or an attitude? Well, we will discuss that another day. But today, Amazon is ruling the pack across the world and doing it with authority. So, are you selling or buying?