How Images can be optimized t increase traffic

How Images can be Optimized to Increase Traffic

Images have a major role to play on a website where attracting visitors and retaining them is concerned. They drive organic search traffic. Google images as well as social media images can also drive traffic to your site and therefore it is important for brands to know how to optimize images to increase traffic on their site or app.

Ways to Optmize your Images Search Engine Optimization:

  • Format Matters: Use relevant Images in proper file format. The requirement is for an image that is relevant to the theme of the page which could be a diagram, a relevant photo, or something infographic. One basic concept of this is to use a file format that search engines can index. It also affects the speed download and quality important for optimizing images. As we all know, JPEG, GIF and PNG are the most common formats for any image. Today the SVG format is becoming increasingly popular and this is a scalable ‘vector ‘format that can be extremely small files that do not lose quality like the JPEG or the PNG when enlarged. It is to be noted that one way of optimizing images to increase traffic is to make use of next generation image formats that load faster, are of a higher quality and consume less internet data.
  • Check Content: Create high quality and plagiarism free content. Search engines reveal or make visible high quality pages and the image too. Let both the content and the photos be original as well as the graphics. When using stock images it is advisable to filter them, crop them and do not forget to give image credits.
  • Provide Caption: Optimize images and give them a caption. To optimize images it is necessary to make them no larger than they will be displayed. It is also advisable to choose the most efficient format of the image although mixing different types of images is fine and compress file size where required.
  • File Name: Make use of the Image title and use a descriptive file name. Your image probably gets better visibility with a file name and some accurate description for the image.
  • Tracking: You can make use of Google Search Console to track organic search traffic and know the number of visitors for image based traffic.
  • Alt Text: To increase traffic your images and your site must be also accessible to the visually impaired. So add Alt text which can describe to the visually impaired what the image is about on a screen reader.
  • Placement: Take care of image placement and analyze the content around it. Experience shows that images at the top of the page are frequently visible in searches.
  • Structured Data: Structured data implementation is advisable. When you add to your webpage HTML some structured data the result may be richer images with some extra bit of information and that is likely to encourage more visitors.
  • Metadata: Create page metadata and see that the loading time is fast. These give more contexts to the search engine. Metadata is actually used by search engines for processing a search. Keep image files small and responsive in order for them to load faster.
  • Sitemap: Create an Image sitemap and ensure that the images are accessible. List the image files on your website for the search engine to discover. For this you need to use only original images.
How images can be optimised to increase search engine traffic

Moreover, use of AI powered technology as Google lens should and can be used to optimize images as well. It can analyze and detect objects of interest within the image. If someone selects such an object Lens, then it is programmed to show you relevant images that can link to product pages. The customer can then buy what he is interested in. Besides this you can draw on a touch screen on the image itself to trigger related results. The advantage of Google lens is that it makes image searching easy and lets users point at what they want through images instead of words.

Eunimart feels that with search engines raising the standards for website content and images, companies should also improve their strategy because unless they create quality content and great images, users will not get the best experience. Without the best experience website traffic will not increase. So, generate more revenue for your business by optimizing images to increase traffic. Let the content be original, high quality and with relevant images. So fix whatever issues there might be to increase traffic on your site and be a winner.

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