Sell Successfully on Shopify

It’s important to remember that Shopify is not a marketplace, it helps you to create your online store and sell across channels, worldwide. In fact, it is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that allows you to sell through Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, Amazon, Messenger or even your own blog and website.

Before you can start selling on Shopify it is important to research your product and the terms and conditions of this platform before you actually take the plunge. The usual banned items are of course not allowed on Shopify just like other platforms. Shopify is a successful ecommerce platform and has a good helpline to aid sellers as well as other helpful tools. It is said that “with over 800,000 businesses around the world having made more than US$100 billion in sales on Shopify, it certainly has the potential to help you make money.”

To be a successful seller on Shopify you should:

  • Study the guidelines that Shopify offers in order to gain knowledge about advertising, marketing and other important information that will help you to succeed as a seller on Shopify.
  • Make listings that are strong because listings are crucial to your business. Great descriptions, good images and SEO powered content will help you to gain success.
  • Use the wide range of apps offered by Shopify that will help you manage the entire gamut of your business from inventory to sales to marketing.
  • Have a strong marketing strategy that will make your store prominent and with great promotions, you can be just one step away from substantial profits.
  • Price your products wisely after taking into consideration your investment costs, overheads, shipping and other fees. Intelligent research on shopping habits or prices in similar segments here can help you go a long way. You can thus hit upon a perfect balance between your needs and the expectation of customers.
  • Another contributor to your success would be to research the payment methods Shopify allows and play along. The normal ones are of course Credit cards, PayPal, Shopify Pay and Apple Pay. There are also options for third party payments. It is also advisable to use an online seller account.
  • Organize your shipping methods as Shopify does not and make sure that the service is quite amazing.
  • An important ingredient for your success as a seller on Shopify will be your marketing strategy. With a plethora of options open to you, marketing is not an issue provided it is done correctly. It is advisable to utilize an App from Shopify known as Kit which is free to use. You can use Kit to create ad campaigns on social media, even automate your email marketing and other marketing strategies.
  • Other ways in which you can be successful as a seller on Shopify is to offer discount codes, free shipping and other offers to divert traffic to your store. Besides this, having a blog will help you to showcase your products, increase sales and generate profits.
  • Use an advanced ecommerce-enabling platform like Eunimart to optimize your Product Information Management which gives it greater visibility across all channels of sales, automate Listings, Inventory management, Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and Logistics Management and Payment Reconciliation to have greater control of your sales and products on a single platform for all your channels of sales. 

A few words of caution:

There are hidden costs on Shopify and you must be aware of them. Premium services as being able to customize your account to your taste might incur additional expenses as you need to upgrade your account. There are also additional transaction fees for using third-party payment methods and for using certain apps, some of which you cannot do without.


  • State your policies clearly on the website. This assures the customer that you are not a fly by night operator.
  • Update your inventory on a monthly basis. Start small, don’t add too many products at one go but keep building on it. This helps you to get organic traffic. The more you update the more google crawlers will recognize you and the more you will appear on searches. So regular updates will ensure that you benefit in the long run. The more you appear the more likely it is that people will buy from your store. This will help you to be a successful seller on Shopify,
  • Pinterest and Instagram are valuable resources for running ads through fan pages and by pining a host of other images along with the ones you have on Shopify. Retarget ads and focus on generating traffic. Keeping ad costs low is crucial at this juncture.
  • Mobile testing is important to your business before you run an ad because it is necessary to see what it looks like before it runs fully-fledged and make the required editing.
  • The easiest way to sell successfully on Shopify is to sell products which have already proven themselves. This helps to kick start your business.
  • Another tip which works amazingly well to make you a successful seller on Shopify is a caution to not over customize your store. Adopt a theme that you like best and adjust the images to suit your brand. Spending excessively on designs is not recommended.
  • Use a text-based logo and not an image-based logo for your store. It will be unique and not have problems with design adjustment. The idea is to emphasize the name rather than an image.

The above tips will help you to build the right foundation for your online store. A minimalistic attitude has the tendency to pay off, so sell simple but succeed with adequate determination. Start small but grow big; as Shopify itself puts it, “Start, Grow and Scale your business ” till you are a successful seller on Shopify. With Eunimart by your side, it will be a seamless and easy process. Happy Selling!