The Importance of Product Reviews

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Industry stalwarts at Eunimart feel that a seller needs to ask himself how well prepared he is to handle customer reviews which are an integral part of any ecommerce business and provide actionable insights to bolster growth. It is an ongoing process of any online business to implement incremental changes.

Brand respondents insist that shoppers in the ecommerce segment today are keen to read reviews from other customers before they finally check out the product themselves. Reviews are an important tool for shoppers to appreciate or show their disappointment just as it is a weapon to drive sales for the retailers. The importance of product reviews can never be undermined.

Today’s shoppers have high expectations and their attitude or way of thinking is nothing like the old band of shoppers in a brick and mortar store. They are more demanding, can switch loyalties when they feel they are getting a better experience or a better bargain elsewhere. It is necessary therefore for a brand to connect with the customer because the slightest disconnect can lead to them abandoning the cart. It builds trust and reviews have a great impact on the decision of shoppers so the burden is on the retailer to ensure that he not only gives a great and wholesome experience to the shopper but also that the shopper leaves behind a review that will lead to conversions. 

The need of the hour is to understand the need of the customers and so more than their choice showing up while browsing, it is customer reviews which the consumers can identify with and that does the trick.

Shoppers who are adept at the game rarely buy something without reading a review. Both positive and negative reviews are read, so the idea is to get as many reviews as possible ensuring that positive reviews far outnumber the negative ones. It is the positive reviews which instil confidence in your shoppers and convince them to decide rightly. Remember that reviews appear on the product page and can help pages to appear in search engines because of unique keywords and that is another way for your brand to be visible in searches. Hence the importance of Product reviews cannot be overruled at any cost.

Social media has a powerful presence in the life of people these days and many feel that they need to share everything about themselves on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and their Twitter handle in the form of pictures or a status update, sometimes even both. This goes a long way towards boosting the presence of the brand on multiple channels. Reviews thus shared, are very impactful and helps to raise awareness amongst people about your brand and products. 

The retailer also gets a better understanding of his brand performance from product reviews. This is because sometimes shoppers notice things about a product that even the seller can miss. This is of great benefit because it can generate great marketing ideas and leaves space for improvement. Encouraging product reviews is not easy but these are affordable ways to make customers tell the world what they think about the product they have purchased.

A survey showed the behaviour of shoppers from different age groups and what they thought of reviews. It was found that all shoppers between 18 and 64 regard positive reviews as an indication of the trustworthiness of a product. They seemed to identify more with quality than going with a brand name. However, the older generation, that is above 65 years of age, still seemed to go with brand names. It is important to note that shoppers expect and read multiple reviews before going for the kill. The more honest the review the more is the impact on the brand so fake reviews do not stand a chance and can adversely affect sales, reputation and relation with customers and the marketplace.

Let us examine how to initiate and encourage product reviews.

  • Ask directly because shoppers often forget.
  • Send a reminder after the order has been delivered.
  • Use emails or on-site requests as follow-ups.
  • Let the review process be smooth with the simple requirement of a name, an email id, a rating and a review. The smoother the process the more reviews you will get.
  • You can encourage photos. Have the option of uploading one with the review. 
  • Offer rewards points and incentives to customers who write reviews. Other offers could even be a discount coupon on the next purchase or gift vouchers thus encouraging even multiple reviews and customer retention.
  • Keep reviews short but they should recommend the product by sharing how it is useful or what value it has brought to them. Frame short questions to elicit the right response in reviews. This ensures authentic reviews.

Things to Remember:

Once reviews are received, moderate them regularly, set up an alert for them, respond when needed, clarify product information, apologize and take necessary action if required and be sure to thank customers for reviews. If there is a problem that needs attention, attend to it and show that you care. Keep it real and do not publish positive reviews exclusively because that makes people suspicious about your products.

Eunimart urges ecommerce sellers to utilize its solutions to automate their business processes to reduce errors and give the customers a great experience so they, in turn, give great product reviews enticing newer customers. That is what would encourage the next customer to convert. Seasoned customers are not much affected by negative reviews but their complete absence makes doubts creep into the minds of shoppers. So do not undermine the importance of product reviews because they can be a great weapon in the hands of the seller to generate more sales. 

Industry stalwarts at Eunimart feel that a seller needs to ask himself how well prepared he is to handle customer reviews which are an integral part of any ecommerce business and provide actionable insights to bolster growth. It is an ongoing process of any online business to implement incremental changes. 

So use our tips to convince customers into penning positive reviews, showing them that you are trustworthy and sell unique products that are a must buy. Thus, the importance of product reviews is massive because once your customers share their reviews, the turnout and successful conversion of new customers can be quite huge and result in an amazing growth curve for your organization.