How to sell successfully on Lazada – seated in India

“It’s time to go where your buyers live: online. If you pride yourself, on being where your buyers are, why aren’t you online yet?”……and where might that be? 

Your answer lies in going global through Lazada.  Lazada, the top eCommerce website of South East Asia beckons you. Why become a part of this giant cross border e-commerce platform? Why not sell internationally with ease on its Marketplace? Lazada is a premium brand for online sellers in Asia. Visibility, Stability, and Popularity is what would describe this cross border e-commerce giant. What better way to take your business on international platform, than through Lazada? It surely means some large scale exposure for the e-commerce seller.

“The Internet affords a level of relationship with consumers hitherto unfathomable”. To be a part of your customer’s life, take the leap of faith to sell on cross border e-commerce sites like Lazada.  According to ‘We are Social’ 24.74 million people shop via e-commerce and 9 % of the total population is engaged in the cross border e-commerce market. No matter what your product is, except banned substances, there is always a buyer waiting for you somewhere out there.

Belonging to the Alibaba group, this cross border e-commerce platform has plenty of opportunities for new sellers. In fact, as a seller, this is where you need to be when you are looking to sell internationally.  You can Sell on Lazada through 5 easy steps.

Create Account

Add Products

Manage Store

Ship Products

Receive Payment

The Lazada University educates its sellers on how to succeed through various tools and tutorials that are easily accessible. There is also a Help Centre that services Sellers by answering queries and offers partner support. The Lazada Marketplace connects Sellers with Service Providers that can aid in boosting business. So Lazada cross border e-commerce platform offers you a complete solution to help you succeed in your business.

Requirements to Sell on Lazada

Registered License to sell

You are encouraged to have a Payoneer Account for  ease of business 

Investing upfront is not a prerequisite to Selling on Lazada

Continuous stock is required

A minimum of e-commerce sales experience is required.

Once you register and your account is activated you can access the marketplace for further necessary action to start actual sales.

Important Information on Lazada Marketplace for Sellers

  There are flexible payment Solutions.

  Payment is on a weekly basis.

  There are no monthly fees and you can list your products for free.

  When you sell, Lazada charges a commission. These are standard fees as per the category of products. There are no hidden costs. The charge on sale is, in fact, one of the lowest across Marketplaces across the cross border e-commerce platforms. 

  VAT is levied according to the country and when you sell Lazada charges you 2% of the total amount of each order.

  You can list a minimum of 50 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units ) but they have to pass the Quality Control checks of Lazada as they sell on highly sophisticated and competitive markets across Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia with a logistics hub in Hongkong. One can upload continuously if he has stock and have business unlimited.

  Lazada operates in the ASEAN region only.

  Lazada never owns your store, you have the liberty to link it to your own website.

  FBL or Fulfillment by Lazada offers a service that takes over the processing, packing and then shipping the orders to customers.

  Visit this country-wise list of Lazada (Thailand , Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia) and click on Sell on Lazada, migrate to the new page and click on become a seller now. You are ready to do your business on Lazada.

So sign up without delay, the Lazada team can either be contacted or they will contact you once you register. The team will help you upload your products and train you to boost your online sales. Similar to few other platforms, help is available for setting up shop as well. 

Lazada the premium gateway to South East Asian markets offers you a website and a mobile app through which you can do business on the go. 

Whether you are a seasoned seller in India or a novice, as long as you are licensed to sell, cross border e-commerce is the smart way to sell. Lazada offers you the best solution for all your needs through its user-friendly Marketplace. As in any such arena, you will come across customers who are looking for quality products at a good price and Sellers they can trust. Thus going Global through the Lazada Marketplace will help to expand your business manifold and do business unlimited. Starting from local crafts of your country to consumer goods, apparel, toys and food (that meet international food standard norms), you can virtually sell anything. A seller can even have a cutting edge over local sellers if he can provide the same quality products at competitive rates. There is no restriction whatsoever.

What you cannot sell on Lazada are:

Fake or harmful software


Obscene images

Vulgarity in any form

Telecommunication equipment

Gambling products or Gaming

Harmful or toxic Chemicals.


You can make products available where they are not and compete with international sellers across borders on this e-commerce platform called Lazada. Lazada offers you unique solutions and the opportunity to sell in ASEAN countries. However your first market will always be Malaysia and depending on your quality and product, your success is decided so that you can graduate to other markets. Malaysia is your first testing ground.

With Lazada being listed as one of the topmost shopping sites in Asia, a huge number of Internet users in this region, low requirements for the seller, it is undeniably has the largest number of online retail sales. As per the market research firm Frost & Sullivan the B2C e-commerce revenue will rise up to 25.2 billion in 2020 and that’s where you need to be, at Lazada in order to succeed as a seller internationally.