Logistics Management

Smart logistics at your fingertips. Get 360 view of your logistics operations

Logistics, Warehouse Management and Fulfillment

Eunimart uses Smart Logic to define best logistic partners for every product and reduces the product landing price by 33%

Key Features

Eunimart’s integrated and automated logistics management system is built for SME’S to power their entire business through a single platform. No need to look at expensive warehouse management tools, search for rates from shipping options or worry about where your shipments are. No more trying to find out which shipping partner to use for which marketplace.

Eunimart simplifies your shipping, tracking, planning, warehousing and fulfillment requirements through a single panel.


Speeds up fulfillment cycle by releasing ready-to-ship orders

Saves time as unified platform is available for fulfillment

Increased satisfaction with first and last mile logistics

Reduce miss-ships, improve delivery times and control costs

Carrier pick up and label printing avoids hassles

Our Clients Say

"Jewels are an integral part of a person's life. Solving all the cross-border e-commerce related snafu, Eunimart has given me the right platform to sell my product globally Eunimart has given me the right platform to sell my product globally"
Bhautik Bodara
Owner, Nakshu Jewels
" High quality service, GUARANTEED!
Eunimart, is the way to turn to if you want to see your business boom. Kudos to the professionalism with which they’ve handled things right from scratch "
Ripin Khatroja
Owner, RCK Enterprise
" Eunimarthas been unbelievably helpful to me, I extend my heartfelt gratitude towards them. They've helped me upscale my business and find new business ventures. Thanks to them, I now have established my teakwood leather business globally "
Vishal Singla
Owner, Teakwood Leather