Start Selling Internationally on eBay from India!

eBay is one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms with a large user base and provides great scope for those online sellers, who are willing to step into the global waters.

How to sell on eBay, how to sell internationally online on eBay or How to sell internationally on eBay from India, are a few frequently asked questions by the beginners.

So, here is a complete guide to selling on eBay with eBay selling tips for beginners that lets the newbies know how to get started on eBay or how to sell things on eBay or how to sell on eBay successfully.

Get started with the eBay tutorial on how to get started on eBay or how to sell online on eBay.



Know how to get started?

So, here is the outlay of the first step you need to take to know how to sell internationally online from India or how to sell online in the USA from India?

Keen and proper understanding is needed before you step into selling internationally on eBay. It is important to analyze if the niche chosen is the right one to get started with or not. The seller might end up getting bad ratings for the product when not analyzed properly. There are a few facets that must be taken into consideration and that help in realizing if the product or niche is chosen stands liable for selling internationally on eBay or not.

Use the most popular tools

eBay provides proper tools to find out the hottest items, or the most watched items that tend to have greater sales on eBay. This guidance from eBay will probably give the seller an idea about the trending niche and products. One such tool is “Terapeak”, which is an analytical tool that assesses the market for different types of items. You have many similar tools with enhanced functionality that help you determine different aspects required for selling products on eBay or selling internationally on eBay.

Think seasonally

A product won’t really get many bids if it is out-of-season or out-of-trend. Picking up a product or niche that is a relative necessity of the season or that is in trend or in vogue, would help in great sales. It is suggested to list or sell the items that have the seasonality of 12 months or something that is continuously in demand, which means something that is tagged as a regular necessity and people just can’t stop buying it. For instance, stationery items, the demand for which will never drop.

Building up a profile that reflects your business or products is necessary to effectively present yourself on eBay. Also, choosing a username that is simple yet professional and relevant to the items or products you sell is recommended.

Understanding and realizing how much an item is worth in the market is necessary to keep up with the competition. A lot of people prefer setting the prices lower than their competitors at first to attract the audience and for more sales. But that may also lead to the start of a chain of falling prices of the product.

Keeping the prices slightly lesser or equal to the competitors is recommended. Higher prices at the beginning of the venture are not at all good for the seller’s business, as they scare away the customers. For help to set the prices for your items try using the eBay Advanced search tool to get an idea of what to charge for the items you are about to sell.

The photograph of your item speaks about the item. It adds maximum credibility to the product. People keep coming back for more if they receive the exact replica of the product on offer. Try using autofocus and macro modes while capturing photos of your products, as these filters do wonders in case of close-up shots keeping in mind the picture clarity or pixel size.

Try to get all the items in the photo that you are listing, including the manuals, boxes, batteries and whatever you have described in the description. The Natural daylight is always the best option to click the clearest photos.

The more clearly a seller present’s the picture of the product, the more genuine the product is considered by the customers. Customers always look up to configure the authenticity of the product from the images that represent the product.

The description is probably the make or break deal for a product. A good description substantially contributes to the sale of the product. eBay allows the sellers up to 80 characters in the title, of which, the sellers are asked to make the most while also keeping it concise and clear.

eBay is now focussing on mobile-friendly listing specifications, with the item description including the payment, shipment and refund policies. It’s all up to the seller’s end to describe their product further or not.

Here are a few things you need to consider while describing your product:

–  avoid using symbols and caps lock

–  Keep the description concise, informative and accurate

–  Highlight the key features of the product and the top selling points

–  Use acronyms like VGC (Very Good condition), BN (brand new) etc

–  Keep up the shortcomings with honesty

–  Invite the customers to ask you questions if they have any

–  List all your terms and conditions including the payment, packaging, shipping, and refunds

Also, research for the top sellers on eBay to get an idea of the product description is recommended.

Payment system again stands as the most important aspect for the product selling. The more comfortable payment system a seller offers to their customer, the more people keep coming back.

For Indian sellers who want to sell internationally on eBay, it is important to have a PayPal account. While integrating the PayPal payment method, which is the most prominent digital payment system in India; with the eBay account, the sellers are required to follow certain procedures and there are a few restrictions to the Indian users as well.

Below is the procedure to proceed with the PayPal payment system when selling on eBay internationally.

  • –  Create a PayPal account, add bank details and link to your eBay account.
  • –  The Indian sellers are required to create an account, which can be used be used for selling on different eBay sites. The sellers can use their eBay India account as well as create a new account. Keeping both the accounts separately is recommended.

That is it!

Now the seller can proceed to the shipping policy after which the seller will able to start selling internationally on eBay.

When it comes to shipping, the seller can choose eBay’s CBT shipment (Powership Global) agreement or even their own logistics. Using the CBT Powership Global program is recommended for the beginners. In India, FedEx is the CBT shipment partner. The seller will have to agree to the CBT shipping program and pay for shipping to eBay’s facilities. After the completion of the process, the seller can begin with listing of items and selling products on For a seller to get verified, few documents are required that assess the one-time verification of the seller. The sellers can find a huge list of documents online that are required for verification, but even a few can get the seller’s one-time verification done.

Required Documents for one-time verification

–  Address proof
–  ID proof
–  Purchase bill

Breakdown Fee charged when selling on eBay’s International Site

– 10% eBay Final Value Fee
– 4.75 % PayPal transaction fee
– Rs. 15 (0.30 cents) as the listing fee
– Shipping cost > Rs.500

Things to follow for great results

Here is the list of selling on eBay tips, effective selling techniques and strategies and eBay selling tips for beginners to know how to get started on eBay or selling.
– Make sure to list the title to get found by the potential buyers.
– Provide as many product specifics as you can to represent the quality of the product crystal clear.
– Include good photos in your listings.
– Have an inventory system to track the growth of your business.
– Offer excellent customer service to keep your buyers coming back for more.
– Get acquainted with shipping methods and pricing.
– Make sure your shipping is punctual and is delivering on the right item, and also offer international shipping.

Final Words

Before you start selling on eBay, it is important to know how to get started on eBay and if you are a beginner, then you need to know how to sell things on eBay, and some eBay selling tips for the beginner.

You also need to understand how to sell internationally online on eBay or how to sell internationally on eBay from India for successful selling internationally on eBay.

To grow as an eBay seller, it takes the right sketch of approach, good area of expertise, knowledge, and implementation of effective selling techniques and strategies, and a lot of motivation and patience.>/p>