Cross Border E-commerce: The game changer

Sell Anywhere Thanks to the internet, the whole world is connected in terms of communication, exchange of information, telecommuting, and researching. The biggest of all would be Cross Border E-commerce which has made one nation concept sort of true. Now the sellers are not restricted to a particular geographic boundary in terms of marketing the goods, fiscal transaction, networking and Worldwide logistics. As these boundaries are diminishing, so are the technical and legal limits. E-commerce services have transformed the buying-selling experience. For example, Indian e-commerce market bloated from a $3.9 billion to $12.6 billion in about 2015. Thanks to the smartphone age, access to the internet, price comparison and the plethora of products across International marketplaces which in turn increased the availability of the international products to the buyers, e-commerce came with a bang. Challenges faced in Global E-commerce Cross-Border E-commerce faces certain challenges. The obvious ones are Global logistics, timely shipping, competitive prices, legal and custom related formalities. Frontrunners like Amazon and Aliexpress have already established their names in this section of the industry. However, the full potential of Cross-Border Marketplace is still unexplored, considering there are many geographical territories to be explored in terms of selling products. Solution based services Utmost importance for any seller in this business is to sell his products in as many Cross-Border e-commerce marketplaces as possible. Not knowing the regional laws, language and the likings of the common masses is a hurdle where e-commerce aggregators like Eunimart come into the picture. Eunimart provides the backbone to the sellers to pitch Internationally without the hassle of researching about a new marketplace’s laws. These businesses also partner with payment companies to provide a complete landing price solution. The focus is to recommend the optimum prices of the listings to the sellers taking into account taxes, duties, logistics costs, payment fees, commissions considering the live currency rates and Interbank Rates. All aspects of payments and pricing have been covered and how the global pricing may differ depending on the global market rates. International shipping the most leading concern isn’t low- costing because of the taxes and customs duties. However Eunimart has partnered with global shipping companies to make it easier for our sellers to ship Internationally and with our price curators, a seller will know how much the shipping would cost to add it to the price of the product without losing on profits. Start Selling your Products Internationally    Endless opportunities to expand: India is a land of homegrown products which are exclusive to our country. A rich variety of silk, spices, ayurvedic products, and handloom are few to name. So if the right products are provided to the right audiences, via global e-commerce, imagine the extent to which it will boost the business reach of a local seller and the economy as a whole. Time to trade International. Possibilities of business expansion are endless.