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Eunimart team constitutes the most vertically specialized set of experts in domestic and crossborder ecommerce, crossborder logistics, payments, marketplaces that you will find in India

While the majority of the team is 25 years or lower who have been expertised in their respective field over the last 2 years, we also have vertical specialists who come with many decades of experience leading their domains in many countries across the world.

Eunimart has a dedicated logistics team who are engaged in price negotiations with the carrier and handling the complete order delivery lifecycle in crossborder ecommerce.
We understand that we have to reach out to our highly valued merchants. Our stellar Account Management team is responsible for overseeing the overall aspects of signed up merchant’s account, thus strengthening the relationship.

Our cool dudes of Marketing are responsible for implementing best in line marketing strategies to generate the maximum ROI. Eunimart’s Sales team of seasoned professionals have in-depth knowledge and several years of industrial experience under their belts.

Eunimart’s onboarding team is responsible for the documentation process related to onboarding or newly acquired merchants and in the continuous process of nurturing the onboarded SME’s. And yes, they are impeccable in automating the internal processes also.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: We agree with this 100%

Eunimart’s mottos are built on the following principles:

1. Focus equally on Process & Output
2. Act Fast, We prefer Action over Debate
3. Best People for Every Role
4. Open Communication, No Criticism
5. Opportunities are not Restricted, They are Earned
6. Independence of Thoughts & Action
7. Responsibility Toward Success of the Organisation
8. Believe in Hard Work, not Bureaucracy & Rules