5 Marketing Automation trends to stay in 2020

Like everything else, Marketing automation must evolve, there should be new tools engaged and new trends followed so that higher yields, higher results and maximum productivity are attained. In fact, following the marketing trends is critical and essential to productivity. It is said that 75% of organizations are today making use of marketing automation tools. 

If you don’t want your competitors to take over the markets follow the new marketing automation trends that are here to stay.


They are becoming increasingly important. The artificial intelligence running such tools has developed exponentially, making them essential to marketing automation trends. Employees do not need to waste their time any longer in responding to customer chats, these chatbots respond like humans thanks to artificial intelligence. Lot of research is going on, money is being invested to work with professional content creators so that the responses from these chatbots are more human. The customers thus get a more personalized response without a human actually being present. The responses are also available 24/7. Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant have shown the trend of voice assistant and companies are compelled to gradually include voice engine optimisations and voice commands in their strategies as they feel the need to use them to improve customer experience. Natural language processing along with Machine Learning is enabling the ChatBot to provide customers with services and support that are human-like.

AI-Powered SEO and Content marketing is important. Remember that Contextual Marketing is here to stay. 

Whatever marketing strategy one has must be in the present, tied up in some way to the “now”. What’s trending, may not always be apparent on the surface, so use AI or Big Data and similar automation tools to help you identify what is trending. This puts you in the spotlight, makes you target better, ideal prospects for your business. In order to maximize the most of your content marketing efforts use Content intelligence. That is the smart trend. Artificial intelligence is now critical to SEO, quality optimization, content analytics, distribution coupled with personalization. Following this trend is the most intelligent move you can make because marketing automation trends include absorption or swallowing up of manual tasks associated with SEO and content marketing as a result of which focus has to be on planning for the same and trending quality improvements. Tools to name : alliai, wordlift, wordmetrics .

Automated Data Science 

This is now an essential part of marketing automation trends. What it means is that technology now helps machines to think like humans, perform complex tasks, forecast business trends and calculations, This then is set to take the world by storm and is necessary to your business. Automated data science thus means that machines can predict even customer behavioural trends, and demand in order to forecast the best action to take.  We can safely state that “deep learning technologies are taking this prescriptive model to the next level by making it an automated process.”

Automated Paid Ad Campaigns

The line between offline and online marketing campaigns is becoming thinner. By 2020 there will be a perfect blend, a medley that will allow you to bring your offline campaign online and the two will be a perfect match. So you need to think about how the two can cross each other’s paths to create a perfect campaign. Automated advertisements will soon be running on multiple channels like Instagram, YouTube, Google and Facebook. Again it boils down to Artificial Intelligence because that is what is helping to optimize advertising based on audience segments and campaigns which play a major role. Automation of Advertising thus will ensure that a huge number of advertising campaigns are created, implemented and can run in no time with only a marginal effort. This constitutes a major marketing automation trend that is here to stay and it would do you well to follow suit.

Customer Data Platforms give a holistic insight into customers needs and makes your marketing efforts audience-centric without which no business can survive. 

We have seen that over the years Marketing automation trends have shifted towards the customer and for good reasons: The trend lies in taking care of the customer’s experience, making it not only unique but personalized, As per Google “Winning consumer engagement in 2019 and beyond is all about capturing the micro-moment”. Social media, ecommerce sites, retail stores and email constitute the various touchpoints for consumers. This is a platform that will witness the entry of many more businesses by 2020 because that’s what you need to take care of in order to deliver, in order to grow. In fact, 44 % of organizations undertaking a survey by Forbes revealed that Customer Data Platforms have significantly contributed to customer loyalty. Tools to name: Trapica, Refuel4,Hubspot.

Voice search or voice command will be integrated into most of the usage pieces of tech. It is fast becoming a critical element now in order to reach the masses. In all probability,  by the end of 2020, 50% of all online searches will be through voice search. Be sure, it’s becoming a necessity for you to jump into the fray now and work with the best SEO content writers to optimize your content. The content should be such that voice searches can easily recognize. This will help you to stay ahead with the latest marketing automation trends that are going to be an integral part of every successful online business in the next few years.

The marketing scenario is undergoing a sea change and automation is playing a critical role in this. To get into the midst of action every smart entrepreneur and marketer should understand the need to be onboard and keep themselves abreast of the marketing automation trends of 2020 and be ready for the future.