Fibre to Global - Its Easy!

The Search for “the best” Cross Border E-Commerce Platform Ends Here.

Fibre to Global - Its Easy!

The Search for “the best” Cross Border E-Commerce Platform Ends Here.

The convergence of omnichannel and physical/digital shopping is creating a wave of changes within fashion and apparel retail. Eunimart 360 is an Omnichannel Commerce platform which helps to boost revenues, customer engagement and lifetime value.

A well planned end-to-end retail execution strategy within fashion and apparel brands starts with:

Enabling shopper/ buyer – centric digital processes

Executing a streamlined and updated operations approach (planning, sourcing, stocking and fulfillment/delivering of products in an optimal, localized, smooth and well-integrated manner).

Rapid and frequent changes in shopper preferences, the need to shorten speed to market timelines, and increased revenue and inventory turnover requirements increase pressure on raw materials, transportation, quality control and labour costs. Where relevant, retailers must explore machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Fulfillment, delivery and order accuracy are equally important and can only be guaranteed by strong technological backing. Retailers should focus on creating a single, centralized and scalable distributed order management system that links up all the elements necessary to ensure end-to-end success. Read more…

Fashion sales can come from any source. Customers expect brands to interact with them anywhere and everywhere. From newspaper ads to pop-up stores, from fashion shows to standies, every channel where your product is visible is a potential channel of sale. What goes missing in this picture is the possibility of capturing customer data and creating a wonderful experience for the customers pre and post sale. Headless commerce is the solution to this problem where you can connect any and every channel of sale to your backend operations processes and ensure that your customer experience remain unsullied. So the next time your customer scans the dress on a mannequin and buys on an ecommerce portal or vice versa, you would still be able to provide the exact same experience across all channels.

  • Migrate to API-based, headless commerce framework to seamlessly integrate new capabilities and systems.
  • Faster time to market, greater security, easy integrations. The best time to migrate to a cloud-based headless commerce solution is now. Read more…

Growing online Apparel sales and changing consumer behaviour demands efficient Logistics Operations. Worldwide apparel players have witnessed store downsizings and lesser retail growth and increase in sales due to digital market presence. Customer responsiveness is a critical metric for the fashion category which focuses on high profit margins and short product life cycles.

Eunimart 360’s Logistics Management System is built for fashion manufacturers, brands and retailers to scale their businesses globally. Domestic shipping costs 10% of the product price in comparison with 33% for international shipping. The only way international merchants can bring efficiency to their shipping process, keep their costs low and retain high margins is through a multi-shipping platform that provides them with access to negotiated rates(50% lower than market rates on average), multiple options for each category, region and weight band to find the sweetest fit. Find returns solutions and identify the most economical shipping solutions to retain high margins and high customer satisfaction levels through Eunimart 360. Read more…

On an average day, an ecommerce business owner has 10+ tasks to handle. From inventory and shipping to marketing and payments, it feels almost impossible to stay on top of every aspect of your store without automation.

Be it managing your inventory, automating your book keeping or running email marketing campaigns, ecommerce automation is necessary at every step of your business. This reduces costs and brings efficiencies to your business, enabling you to drive higher margins.

The fashion industry is driven by high competition and needs rapid customizations of the product line. Yet, most brands still spend up to 35-50% of their product costs on operational functions. Focus more on researching your competition, strategizing expansion to various markets, expanding your product portfolio and customer research. Automate the mundane workflows that are usually run by your employees to free up time, repetitive costs and increase your margins with the Eunimart 360 platform. Read more…

Few supply chains are as dynamic as those relied upon by the apparel industry. From retailers to manufacturers, apparel supply chains crisscross the globe in a race to outfit customers with the latest styles and beat the competition on driving the latest trends. Allowing supply chain teams to improve or add to their current processes in some way or another, newly-created tools and technology are necessary for survival. Automation with respect to the following is important

– Geographic location: How close are customers to sourcing and production?

– Product-related needs: How does the product need to be individualized?

– Order-related needs: How much product does the customer actually need? When does the customer need it by? When will they need it again?

Get full visibility on inventory no matter which warehouse, consolidated and at a granular level, scale as needed by adding warehouses on demand, add all your vendors, source from across the globe and everything else you need to scale your business globally with Eunimart 360. Read more…

Adopting new technologies is only half the battle. Understanding how to apply the inundation of new data has become the new battle ground. In fact, on average, apparel companies lag behind relatively similar industries in their use of business analytics tools. Furthermore, companies that have the greatest use of BI have 54% higher operating margins than companies with lower adoption, on average. The most useful way is to know what your customers really buy and why.

Apparel has the “problem” that it requires sizes, colours, patterns/designs, gender and price options (at least) and the number of combinations you can get from those are enormous. Consider that as you add options, the combinations increase exponentially. So, apparel has the risk of excess inventory all over it.

Eunimart 360’s Business Intelligence gives you the tools to avoid overstock, understand your products and demand and your customers well. Save money and increase revenues with Eunimart 360. Read more…

Crossborder ecommerce is growing at 3 times the speed of domestic ecommerce in most countries and presents a Trillion Dollar opportunity. For seamless CBEC Managment, adapting to an omnichannel sales approach, building up the digital infrastructure of front and back-office operations; adopting customization options to accommodate individual clients’ needs; growing customer service offerings; using data analysis for increase business intelligence; and synchronizing logistics operations through technology are a must. Some businesses, like fashion and apparel companies, are well-suited to quickly make these changes.

Most tools are stand alone and neither do they cater to the needs of CBEC nor do they provide a seamless data driven experience. Eunimart 360’s platform connects everything from Supply Chain to the channels of sales and everything in between only to help merchants scale their business globally through CBEC. Fashion merchants in particular will find our flexible pricing, our use of AI in everything from product, competitor and customer research to aromatic cataloguing. Read more…

Today, some of the major retailers are creating contactless retail stores where customers can simply walk in, buy, and leave the store without needing cashiers, guards, etc. This brings operations costs down from 35% of the product price to 15% of the product price. Particular to the fashion industry, this becomes difficult as customers need a personalised experience. What fashion retailers can do is to marry the best in technology with the best in store experience to reduce OPEX and increase overall customer satisfaction scores, resulting in repeat sales.

At Eunimart 360, we have conducted hundreds of trials globally to understand what works best in retail. From automating assortment to allowing merchants to stock the minimum quantity and achieve maximum sales, from predicting demand to helping them understand customer trends, our tools are designed to reduce operations overheads and increase speed and efficiency. Use our POS and integrated retail with ecommerce operations. Create a true 21st century business! Read more…

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