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Do you know what drives the success of the rapidly scaling consumer brands of today? Do you know how you come across them no matter where you look? This is a strategy called omnichannel commerce which helps these large brands choose which channels they want to sell through or connect with their customers (retail, ecommerce, B2B, B2C, mobile commerce, etc), identify what % of their revenues come from these channels and how many of their customers are present on these channels and then connect all of this to a single platform to reduce operational inefficiencies and overheads. In multi-channel commerce, brands sell through multiple channels, but the price, visuals, messages, etc on each channel is different and optimised for that channel. In omnichannel, all the factors are customised for the end customer and not for the channel.

Rapidly scale and build global brands with Eunimart 360. Optimize your channels like the best in the business. Read more…

Have you run ads on different channels and not found a way to connect the spend on ads to the actual sales on many channels? How many times have you wished that you could identify the customers buying your products on your partners’ platforms?

Sales, particularly for fashion accessories brands comes from too many different channels – from retail to ecommerce, TV to billboards, newspapers to pop up stalls at events. However, next time you sell your products at a mall or a trade fair, think what you are missing. All those valuable customers who loved your products could potentially buy again. Your costs become higher in the absence of information as you hold too much or too little inventory and cannot predict demand from different channels. There is a solution.

Headless commerce. Connect any and every channel of sales to your backend and collect all data, streamline your operations and ensure customers are happy! Don’t lose your head, Go Headless with Eunimart 360. Read more…

Shipping global can be tricky and requires careful consideration of all the factors. If you are shipping shoes, you need a good sturdy box to ensure that they dont get damaged in transit. However, it also means that your volumetric weight will be higher than actual weight, driving your shipping costs higher and your margins lower. If you are shipping precious jewellery or watches, you need specific licences, insurance, etc. If you are shipping cheap gemstones, you need solutions which will not drive your price higher than your competition.

There are so many ifs and buts that it seems endless. How do you find out all these details? Where can you find a solution that brings all the different shipping solutions, from local to global, from the most economical to the most efficient? Dont worry, we built it for you. Plug into our logistics solutions and find peace of mind. Our experts are working round the clock to find better and newer solutions just for you! Read more…

If you are an ecommerce veteran, you know better than most the difficulties that come with managing multiple accounts on multiple marketplaces. When you are selling accessories, you typically have limited stock and you don’t want to generate orders and not be able to fulfill them. After all, you cannot run to the nearest grocery store, buy an item and ship it. These are special products and it takes time to manufacture/source them.

Multiple ecommerce accounts also means having to manage catalogs, continually update them on each marketplace. If you make a single mistake, you end up with fines, wrong orders, etc. In peak season you end up getting more orders and have to hire extra staff to manage these. The problems are many and solutions few. Eunimart 360 to the rescue. Our ecommerce automation does these daily repetitive tasks like inventory management, cataloguing and listing and order management for you. You focus on sales, we take care of the automation. Read more…

Supply chain for fashion accessories is not the same as other categories. In the semi precious jewellery category, your catalogue refreshes almost daily and you need to update your warehousing and sourcing accordingly. This tedious task can be automated. In shoes, jackets and other leather goods, you need special storage and handling rules as well as special licences. You could simply automate all these. When it comes to precious jewellery it becomes even tougher.

Finding the right partners, finding the right options can be tough as well. Managing these vendors, managing your distributors or partners can also prove to be a challenge. What you need is a solution that takes all these off your hands and lets you focus on what is core. Focus on what product lines you want to manufacture, what trends are changing and how to build a global business. We will provide the technology to support your dreams. Read more…

Knowledge is the ultimate power. Even in this day and age of Google, you still need information, about your business, about your competitors, about your products and so on. How would you know what products you should be selling and where? How would you know what your top selling products are? How would you know who buys your products and why? How would you know which shipping partner is the most efficient?

When selling fashion accessories, one of the most important things to do is to know what is in trend and what is slowing down. Know when and where to invest your money. Use Eunimart 360’s super flexible business intelligence tool and build a global brand. Read more…

Selling shoes, jackets, jewellery, sunglasses and other accessories to a global audience is exciting stuff. Think of your product becoming the next big fashion rage in another country. Think how much of an opportunity lies out there if only you figure out how to get there.

For those brands with a global dream, Crossborder Ecommerce is the easiest way to enter a global market. It is also one of the fastest ways to understand customer preferences, build a product portfolio to suit the demand and understand the competitive landscape. However, this is a very daunting task even for those companies which do have a presence on CBEC. It does start with Amazon for most companies, but there is a sea of opportunities.

The Eunimart 360 platform will help you find the true potential of your products. From creating accounts to getting orders, we support you all the way. Go Global – Its Ezi with Eunimart 360. Read more…

Keeping track of the thousands of items in your inventory, making sure that stock is available, keeping track of all your retail customers, following up with them for repeat orders, knowing which SKUs to sell on which store, being able to fulfill in-store orders from warehouses, being able to manage all your product data from a central catalogue and so much more!

Technology plays a critical role in helping businesses shape their growth. Powered by AI, Eunimart 360’s retail solutions will help you scale new heights in your business. If In case, you are a retailer who declines to use Point-Of-Sales methodology, it is quite possible that you will be left behind in a world of printed receipts, late night inventory checks, and calculators as incorporating technology in business is a MUST to keep the ball rolling. Our POS systems empower the retailers with the capability to bring their organization into the 21st century. Read more…



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