Warehouse management getting smarter

Considering all the pivotal tasks such as materials movement, sorting, packing, picking, assembling or manufacturing goods or more, it’s paramount of work to be taken care of for any business. In an era of speed where customer’s by default expectations are speed deliveries, warehouse management should be such that it should be efficient and free of error. Many businesses today struggle with keeping up with customer’s demand too while maintaining the cost. Well-established warehouse management along with Artificial Intelligence and the latest technology will help a business to not only streamline to save their time and money but will also make the overall business efficient.

But how to achieve that for your business?

Eunimart 360 is one of India’s leading Cross border ecommerce enabler helping thousands of SMEs to implement a seamless artificial intelligence enabled Warehouse Management tool to monitor the whole operation through a single platform. Eunimart 360 can assist your business to identify the warehousing and distribution centre system requirement and objectively determine how it can be integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology to deliver a better operation. As a matter of fact, it is always better to analyse your business about their lacking point based on order and product profile so that those data can be used in future for better enhancement of the business. But gone are the days of Brick and Mortar stores or warehouses, today businesses are more multichannel oriented, products are more assorted and product profiles change frequently dramatically. Technologies are getting smarter so should be your business warehouse.

With Eunimart 360’s intelligent tools you can empower your businesses with smart Warehouse management which can perform tasks like Location Based Inventory management, streamlined picking operations and many more which we will discuss further. To talk about Location Based Inventory Management, Eunimart 360 understands how small to medium size businesses face challenges with warehouse management specially when they cross the borders. Thus, they can assist you to get a smarter warehouse management, where you will get to see the image of each warehouse, POS and stores across the globe in one single window. You can even plan to deliver or despatch your inventories with the help of virtual warehouses located at optimized locations to plan in the most cost-effective and efficient way. This way you can deliver your products to the customers faster and can save money in logistics. In an e-commerce business, pick-up or drop for delivering and returning products are common basics. But these form some crucial cost points if you are not planning strategically. Pick up should be planned zone wise, closest to your warehouse so that your turnover time can be reduced. These tasks can be automated with the help of Mobile App based picking or keeping in contact with the whole logistics through some digital device. Eunimart 360 also assists you to set up such channels to utilise your resources in the most economical way.

This is an age of data where to streamline your business you need to get every details and insights to make the best strategical decision. Artificial Intelligence helps you to get a complete inventory insight which can keep you updated with picking discrepancy alerts, Sales Velocity tracking and Inventory holding track. Within a single window monitor your resources, track your logistic partner, get alerts of your fault points in the operation and stay ahead of your competitors.

Eunimart 360 is a solution to your complete business operation. They have an automated intelligent fulfilment tool to understand using a picking list. Get all your data regarding inventory, centralised for all your products listed in different marketplace. Monitor every order that gets placed, manage the workflow to fulfil that order, choose upon the best shipment partner out of multiple partners listed in Eunimart 360’s tool and get it delivered to your customer. Is it a product return scenario from a customer? The same dashboard can track that too. Monitor pick up from customer, get replaced from the nearest warehouse and get it delivered again. Intelligent technology will make your business much smarter than you have ever imagined. Save time, save money and utilise your resources more so that your business can expand continuously.

Are you thinking whether it will be in sync with your existing system?

Yes. This system can be easily integrated into your existing legacy system. Hence can be implemented with much lesser cost than other enterprise solution tools in the market. 

Eunimart 360 simplifies your shipping, tracking, planning, warehousing and fulfilment requirements through a single panel. They understand you need to concentrate on how to expand your business more and cross the border to reach out to a bigger customer base. And hence they take care of your daily warehouse management like a pro. As your business grows and expands into multiple warehouses, stores or multichannel, you need to be able to monitor inventory levels in each of your location with ease. This can avoid many stockpiling of products in one place while running dry in another. Another great thing about this tool is that it is easy to train your employees to use this dashboard. You can also limit your employee rights to access certain pages or areas of the business operation dashboard.

Not only for e-commerce, the warehouse is a vital installation for the activities of any company, regardless of the industry. When you introduce intelligence into warehouse management it optimizes operations and available resources, that is what makes the differences. Because it provides higher quality services at the lowest possible cost. About 99% of manual errors can be avoided with the warehouse management system. Here with the help of the technological ecosystem where goods are received, identified, sorted, organized and pulled for shipment automatically. The best smart warehouse solutions should automate the whole operation system, from suppliers to customers with no or minimal errors. 

There are some basic traits which are taken care of by Eunimart 360 while making the warehouse management smarter. Firstly, it follows agility, where all your systems will work with numerous platforms, sales systems, and other warehouse functionalities. Secondly, Scalability; no matter how much your business has a plan to expand in the future, it is ready to do so with Eunimart 360’s smart warehouse management. And lastly is data visibility. Data about your whole business should be available real time and with insights for better understanding and strategic decisions. So, why wait to make your warehouse management smarter?