Eunimart 360 Solutions

Innovate. Automate. Upgrade.

Eunimart 360 Solutions

Innovate. Automate. Upgrade.

Omnichannel Commerce

Put your Customer at the Centre of your business

Know Your Customer

Your best customers are always the ones you know best and they appreciate the direct connection you have with them. Eunimart 360’s omnichannel platform is designed to help you understand your customers and create a great experience for them across all channels your business grows.


Earlier it made sense to focus on the channels that drove the highest revenues. With increasing growth of ecommerce and competition you also need to focus on channels that could potentially drive a big % of your sales in the future. Eunimart 360 helps you to optimise your channels easily.

Customer Conversion

The best brands know their customers so well that it feels like a warm cup of coffee. It is very important to ensure a high satisfaction rate every time your customer searches, buys, refers or connects with your brand. Eunimart 360 guides you towards the brand nirvana you have searching for.

Headless Commerce

Manage your business, no matter where you sell, TV, Billboards, Ecommerce, Retail, etc.

Sales - Backend Dissociation

Disconnect your channels of sales and the backend operations. Let your brand grow wings. Let sales come from anywhere and everywhere, maintain a great experience! Eunimart 360’s technology platform allows brands to connect any number of sales channels and then manage the operations through a single platform to give you that much needed flexibility.

Multiple Sales Channels

Multiply your channels of sales. The world is growing really fast and new channels of sales are coming up every week! Add all the channels easily to maximize the business that will come from these channels. Eunimart 360 provides APIs that can be connected to any potential channel of sale.

Uniform Brand Experience

Ensure operations processes and SLAs are optimized no matter which channel the sales come from. Your brand experience remains the same across all channels of sales. Eunimart 360’s platform allows you to connect the channels and ensure communications, product details, pricing, inventory & order management, warehousing and shipping are optimised and consistent with what your customers expect.

Ecommerce Automation

Complete Automation – Listing, Cataloging, Orders, Inventory, Pricing, Payments.

Unified Solution

Eunimart 360 enables you connect all your ecommerce channels of sale and get a unified view. Connect all your domestic and international ecommerce marketplaces and ecommerce stores on one platform. The most effective way to scale globally is to enter through ecommerce to understand the market better, test brand perception and optimize product portfolio.

Cost Reduction

Automate basic repetitive functions rather than train staff or find consultants as your business grows. Save 25-40% costs per order by automating your daily onboarding, account management, finance and supply chain functions.  Use Eunimart 360’s automation tools to take care of cataloguing, listing, inventory update, order fulfillment, etc., and reduce errors and save time.

Data & Insights

Drive data and insights to become a top seller. Connect all the dots. Find out more about your products, competitors, marketplaces, and drive higher sales. Let Eunimart 360 create the best catalogues for each channel of sale by optimising the images, product content, pricing and even writing most of the attributes for.

Retail & Point of Sales

Retail reimagined. Connect with your customers and wow them!

Unlock the Unlimited

Unlimited Stores, Unlimited Potential. With Eunimart 360, adding a store is really easy. Power your dreams and ambitions. Add catalogues, define roles for the various people working in the stores, and manage access, etc easily. Get daily reports and updates from each store and get complete control at each teller level and get insights on every customer.

Centralized Operation

As you scale, your operations becomes bulkier, slowing you down. Manage all your stores from a single dashboard and keep growing fast with clear visibility over every transaction, distributed management and authority helps brands respond to challenges in real time and formulate well crafted strategies. Central control over every transaction, managing permissions, analytics and strategic decisions such as product, portfolio, etc., helps increase sales.

Retail & Supply Chain Solutions

With stores across India and abroad, brands today need a retail solution coupled with a flexible and scalable Supply Chain Management System which would otherwise result in loss of revenues and customers. Eunimart 360’s omnichannel Supply Chain Management system helps brands to keep costs low, set up rule based automation and control sourcing, delivery, stocking etc with ease.

Business Intelligence

Managing your reports and automating them has never been this much fun.

Big Data Management & Cloud Architecture

Data Management and insightful reporting built on the back of Big Data Management and sophisticated cloud architecture, Eunimart 360 allows you to draw insights with ease and gives us a unique understanding of how to build these reports. Beautiful UI automation help bring these reports to life and support you to find insights hidden deep within the data.

Analytics & Custom Reports

Build powerful custom reports or use pre-built templates. We understand that you may want to create custom reports. Hence, we made the system highly flexible to allow you to play around with the data and build special reports specific to your business which will help you take great decisions.

Dynamic Dashboards & Quick Action Reports

We have delightful dashboards everywhere so that you don’t have to hunt for them when you need it. The quick action reports built in the dashboards are also highly intuitive and are meant for businesses to easily draw conclusions and take further action without needing to create highly sophisticated reports which take time.

Supply Chain Management System

Warehousing, Distribution, Franchisees, Freight, Courier, Postal – Simply Ezi, Simply Global

Virtual Warehouse Management System

Manage all your warehousing needs on Eunimart 360. Add multiple warehouses, manage complex workflows. Manage your international warehouses, FBA and virtual warehousing. Eunimart 360’s Warehouse Management System and Virtual Warehouse Management Systems are built to scale with your business. Irrespective of size, scale, ambitions or existing infrastructure, Eunimart 360’s Supply Chain Management System will be a fit.

Unified Supply Chain & Distribution

Manage domestic and global sourcing, franchisees, distributors on one integrated Supply Chain Management System connected to your channels of sales. Easy automation and rules enable brands to reduce repetitive work and bring efficiency into the system. Going global is indeed Ezi with Eunimart 360.

Integrated POS-Ecommerce ecosystem

Integrated Supply Chain Management System with Retail and Ecommerce. Easily automate your retail Points of Sales, eCommerce Channels and streamline your fulfillment. Faster shipping, closest warehousing based on PIN codes, and real-time visibility and control over the shipping process end to end ensures customer satisfaction.

Cross-border Ecommerce Management

Ezi to go global with Eunimart 360. We automate everything, you focus on sales.

Global Access

4 continents, 100+ countries, 25 ecommerce channels of sales covered on a single platform. Easy automated processes reduce management costs and ensures rapid growth in sales. We are currently partnered with almost all top global ecommerce marketplaces after extensive testing and we keep adding more marketplaces every month. Selling global is easy with us.

Ecommerce Marketplees & Stores Automation

Ecommerce Marketplaces and Ecommerce Stores – Simplified workflow automation. Shopify or Amazon, Flipkart or Ebay, Lazada or Etsy, manage all the channels together. These globally accepted workflows are essential not only to save costs and adhere to relevant regulations, but also to ensure a great experience for their customers.

Integrated Operations & Payment Reconciliation

Operations, Supply Chain and Payments – Integrated with the Global Channels of sales to ensure no losses, easy reconciliation and fast growth in sales. Having the right partners, rules and automation allows brands to manage intricate situations without spiralling costs. Eunimart 360 offers brands a unique integrated, flexible platform, specifically designed for global growth.

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