Product Information Management and Eunimart 360

Let us hear a story. A small business merchant started an online business to sell their products. Everything went fine for a few days and they started growing well in the market since their product was superior in quality and they successfully met the customer’s expectation. They kept uploading their products in a specific marketplace channel and made good business. The problem started arising when they grew further and decided to enter multiple marketplaces. They were a small business with limited human resources and unskilled employees who could not help them with various templates each marketplace had pre-requisites for launching new products in their marketplace. They sensed the high need for skilled team players, and they hired more employees. Again, their business started running well for few days and started growing in different marketplaces. Their business went so well that they increased their product line and launched new products of different brands. Collaborated with different suppliers and attracted a huge customer base. They again started facing bottlenecks. They understood juggling different products of different brands meeting different criteria to be displayed in different marketplace is becoming a difficult task to get maintained by their team. They had ERP to store their business data, they used Excel to manage product information and upload them in different marketplace. But none of them helped them to bridge the gap to handle multiple requirements. Their business model failed as they expanded their business and since they have future plans to grow further across the border, they need a permanent solution to manage their products. 

Considering the merchant took every kind of measure to manage their growing business, they still lost control when it came to a situation where they had to handle multiple products with multiple attributes to be taken care of. Their lack of proper Product Information Management lead to bad brand image, bad SEO, lower conversion rate and higher loss rate. That is where Eunimart 360’s Product Information Management integrated with Artificial Intelligence can help such businesses to achieve success. Their solution helps an enterprise by providing a platform to manage its product and catalogue them more efficiently across multiple channels of sales. 

However good quality and better service you provide as a merchant for your customer. The products need to be displayed with a detailed description, high resolution pictures and provide easy to find all-you-need-to-know information within your customer’s reach. And when you get to implement Product Information Management with Artificial Intelligence, your business can reach high heights of success. Eunimart 360’s main purpose behind integrating Product Information Management with Artificial Intelligence is to make the boring and repetitive task automatic and error free. Here they help you to manage multiple products to be displayed in different marketplaces with a single template. The description of the products gets synced with every channel. It also saves time by automating catalogue listing in bulk and publish them to all the marketplaces in the format each channel requires with a single click. Hence introducing a new product, editing the existing ones and maintaining the listed ones have become much easier, cost effective and efficient. Through central repository all merchandise SKUs eliminates the manual effort and thus keeps the employees free for utilising their energy and time to improve other areas of your business. With Artificial Intelligence enabled, the image intelligence can automatically score the product images and help identify how to improve them while the content intelligence can identify the best keywords to increase traffic. Eunimart 360 will also help you to utilise Product Information Management in the best possible way to synchronize the data from multiple sources and can store core product data like product name, title, description, product attributes – SKU, cost pricing, Product specifications like dimensions, warranty and packaging information, and other product related metrics, omni-channel product information and many more under the same roof and easily accessible through a single click.

If your Business is operating across borders, your Product Information Management should also be capable of handling multiple language content. And along with that you need data about all your Point of Sales (POS) at your fingertips to take best decisions for your business. Eunimart 360’s portfolio analysis intelligence along with Product Information Management (PIM) will allow you to optimise the portfolio of products for every marketplace and track the top products and sellers in every marketplace. Their stores are linked to get some insights about their pricing, description, content, image quality etc to help drive more sales.

Imagine sitting at a single system with a single window display, you can effortlessly manage dozens of sales, upload numerous products in different marketplace with a single template, deliver content to hundreds of buyers, track your competitors, keep a track of which of your product is selling the best, modify your content everyday to keep up with the trend and take best management decisions for your business and just watch your business grow seamlessly. As a by product you get to save hours of your valuable time to launch new products, maintain the existing ones and extending them to different marketplaces. No special expertise is required to maintain such an end to end seamless enterprise solution. This greatly simplifies the data management and enrichment process and facilitates the syndication of accurate and timely data across many channels.

Eunimart 360’s Artificial Intelligence enabled Product Information Management is such a system which can be leveraged with any scale of business. Besides trying to simplify achieve goals around creating a single system of record for product data, Eunimart 360 can also help deliver a differentiated experience that empowers your business to efficiently manage the creation, enrichment, governance, automation and syndication of your product content. To conclude if you are looking for a big stride in feeding consistent and streamlined information across your platforms which can give you a better competitive edge, then Product Information Management is the solution you are looking out for. Providing timeliness of data and syndication across channels, automated connections to other platforms and real time information, can change your business story completely, and you will never have a story similar to the one with which we started our discussions today. Invest in Product Information management today and watch your business grow seamlessly without any barriers.