How to sell successfully on Bonanza marketplace

Bonanza Marketplace

Bonanza is a rapidly developing marketplace that is popular for its simplicity and transparency. Sellers can sell here in any category just by setting up a booth and listing their products. Headquartered in Seattle, USA Bonanza has seen a mind boggling growth in recent times in the online e-commerce segment.

To be a successful seller on Bonanza it is imperative for you to set up shop and make an announcement on social media. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have a significant role to play in the promotion of online stores in the Bonanza marketplace. It is a bit different from Lazada, Amazon, eBay, Wish or any other marketplace because you have to promote your own booth.

It is a great idea to announce the opening of your online store at Bonanza marketplace on Facebook as a status update. Add a note for your friends to share the same on their accounts. To add colour and bring excitement you might consider attaching a coupon code for first time buyers. This can be used in the ‘coupons and discounts” section of your booth/store settings. A personal note from you claiming that a 10% discount coupon is added just for all the special people who are your friends on Facebook will be incentive enough to start their shopping!

To draw further traffic to your Bonanza booth display visual images with clarity and appeal on Instagram and Pinterest. Your products must appeal to buyers and what better way than to put up awesome pictures where the world congregates for an exchange of visual delights, Instagram and Pinterest.

Send emails to people in your circle to inform and invite them to your booth at the Bonanza marketplace. This is an effective way to encourage people to shop from your online store at Bonanza marketplace. Don’t forget to ask them to forward your email to many more people in order to increase the traffic to your store. You could even give them a coupon code exclusively for people receiving emails only. This will also alert you to their purchase via email.

Your business card will also have an important role to play in your success as a seller on Bonanza marketplace. Print custom business cards through professional card creators and hand them out in social gatherings, to whoever you meet as well as friends and family. The idea is to spread the word.Don’t forget to attach a business card every time you ship a package to a customer. Another awesome step would be to request friends and colleagues to be kind enough to distribute some of your cards in order to spread the word that you sell on Bonanza marketplace. All this would help you succeed as an online seller on Bonanza marketplace.

Creating your own blog is also a very effective method to sell online on Bonanza marketplace. Blogger and WordPress offer awesome services to aid you by even giving you a custom domain name so that when you have your own URL and website you can showcase your store and your products to an even wider segment of people. Your inventory and your store will get visibility when you incorporate them in your blog. Updating your blog regularly is important. New content creates fresh appeal. A blog ensures and reiterates that you have style. It is a long term investment and may not give immediate returns but helps to build a customer base, something that pays off in the long run.

Thus the sales are accelerated and success achieved. You spearhead the campaign to showcase your booth on Bonanza marketplace through the above methods. It facilitates spreading the word in your network and improves your chances of achieving success as a seller on Bonanza marketplace.

Another way to structure your success is through giving out advertisement commissions. This is nothing but giving a percentage of the sale price in order to ensure the sale. The higher the commission you give, the greater will be the chances of your product showing up in search results. This will divert more traffic to your Bonanza booth thus boosting revenue and creating a win-win situation for you.

To do this, follow the instructions on the website. You will see a ‘selling’ link on the upper left hand corner of any page. Click on it to select ‘Advertise items’ in the drop down menu. It will ask you to choose your advertising level and you need to select the best percentage offered , that will also work out for you and then click on Save. Finally turn on feed partners. Increased ad commission helps to publish your listings on multiple platforms. Selecting your preferred channels will help the broadcaster technology on Bonanza to create ‘custom feeds’ for your items on these platforms automatically. This improves the visibility for you and helps to improve sales. is an award winning marketplace and once you register your booth and do some fine tuning you can meet millions of customers and enjoy your sales. This ensures your success as a seller on Bonanza marketplace.