Headless Commerce – How Eunimart 360 is Solving this

When Meg Whitman, President and CEO of Hewlett Packard said, “Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community” we can safely think of all those numerous communication channels we have today which helps us to reach out to our customers every moment and establish a connection with them. If we go back a few years, when e-commerce was at its inception phase, the major traffic was from desktops and then the so-called “Head” – front end of the e-commerce was integrated with a sophisticated “Body” or back-end of e-commerce through full-stack solutions.

But we are in an ever-evolving technological era, where changes are rapid and customers are way more knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest technologies, which is introducing new Customer Touchpoints every day. Keeping up with these fast sprouting touchpoints with the back-end system of your business might sound a bit challenging. But “Headless Commerce” is an exact answer to that challenge.

Headless Commerce in simple terms is a concept where the Head – the front end of commerce has been chopped off from its body – Back end of commerce. Both the layers – the presentation layer and the business logic layer deliver functionality independent of each other via APIs. These APIs can be used to deliver things like products, blog post or customer reviews on-screen or device. One such partner who can make your headless commerce a survival kit is Eunimart 360. Their Artificial Intelligence tool enabled an opportunity to monitor the end to end technology with data that can empower their clients to perform under multi-channel trade with ease and expertise. 

Because of Eunimart 360’s Headless commerce structure, the platform is built of a decoupled layer with headless architecture, which is easier to update a UI part without disrupting the business logic. Hence this kind of architecture provides infinite opportunities to experiment and innovate different customer experiences over multiple channels. Headless Commerce architecture leaves room for personalization based on geography and demography without any fear to collapse the whole system. As Eunimart 360 helps you to explore seamless opportunities to go with demand generations of content marketing, product showcasing, image and product details uploading, they will also help you to maintain a stable system so that your live customers do not get the impact in their purchasing experience. Not only freedom to experiment, but Headless Commerce also rewards a business with high-speed operation while making changes in the open without disturbing the backend.

Most legacy brands are built on strategies that have a gap of the content that drives traffic and lowers Customer Acquisition cost (CAC) and the process that converts the visitors into customers. Eunimart 360 can help your business to bridge this gap with Headless Commerce. You might be still performing on a traditional platform and would like to upgrade your system to a more open structure. Open source or custom-built e-commerce technology solutions would have slowed down your whole system and could have threatened innovation and testing, but Headless Commerce makes shifts easier and faster.

The keys to growing e-commerce revenue every month are the degree to which your Business had been innovative with speed and with the lowest of cost. You need to upload and remove campaigns and programs which are working, and which are not working with speed, efficiency, and expertise. Eunimart 360’s Headless Commerce platform approach can make this easier since working within a familiar CMS speeds up productivity, while maintaining security, inventory syncing, and data orchestration needed for your organization. And once you have the whole system setup, Headless Commerce will be easily replicable across borders, optimized international SEOs and connected to the overall data orchestration infrastructure.

An E-commerce business will be a success with a stable and a highly modified system, but the castle might fall if the guard stands low. In any networked environment, business systems should be as separate as possible with tuned Access Control Lists (ACL) to limit access from other systems or users. Headless Commerce serves that purpose which can protect your Back-end and front-end of the system with the utmost surety. Here Admins can lockdown systems by only authorising those who require access to any given window as well as limit the amount of data available to API. There is no code which binds the Back end and Front-end developers can adapt any endpoints using an optimal framework. This gives your business to experience the true omnichannel experience by developing custom layouts in much lesser time with much lesser cost. In short, your Business gets to engage maximum customers through multiple touchpoints in multiple channels.

“Brands and retailers are wondering what headless commerce can do that a legacy platform can’t; especially technology wise;” 

Dirk Hoerig, CEO at Commercetools has guessed the right question running in every e-commerce merchant’s mind now. But to summarise our above understanding about Headless Commerce, you need to know that Eunimart 360 helps your business to keep backend systems – such as Content Management System (CMS), product inventory, Customer Relation Management (CRM) system, payment processing , Digital Asset Management (DAM) and others – separate from each other as well as the endpoints for layout with the help of Headless Commerce technology. The old days when one framework was used for both content and commerce has been long gone. Today your business can grow your customer touchpoints with great variety. This requires your traditional system to be replaced by a robust and multichannel expert Headless Commerce.

Generally, the high cost of implementing Headless Commerce and, it’s demanding long term commitment for maintenance could have been a major drawback to adapt Headless Commerce for your Business. But that is exactly where Eunimart 360 can change your perception about it. Eunimart 360’s Headless Commerce with their advanced Artificial Intelligence lead enterprise solution can help you to adapt the best of the technology and can reduce 70% of the cost from the operation of your business. Again, Headless commerce platform could have made you totally reliant on the IT team not only just to build the front-end presentation layer, but also to update it and populate the content. But with Eunimart 360 you have the whole IT team assisting you to maintain and monitor the whole business through a single window with comfort and ease without raising the cost to hire more trained resources. Will you still continue with your traditional system or will switch to Headless Commerce with Eunimart 360?