Custom Packaging for a personalised experience influencing brand loyalty

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About 33% of the customers who made frequent online purchases from marketplaces like Amazon, revealed that they form a notion about the quality of the product by looking at the packaging even before opening the box.


If you still have not personalized your product for your customers, you are definitely losing revenue. Last year businesses are known to have lost out on $756 billion because of poor personalization. Gartner predicted a 15% profit boost in 2020 for those who successfully handle personalization in ecommerce. To get a clear idea, ecommerce personalization means showing individualized offers or product recommendations based on one’s past actions, demographics or personal data. This product or service personalization ensures that your customer feels the products or the services are more relevant. Statistic says that 90% of the marketers believe personalization is the future, 74% of the customers get frustrated with irrelevant content that has nothing to do with them and 48% of the customer spend more to get personalized products or services.

To get the personalization correct, the very first thing you need to understand as a Brand is the Segmentation Key. Whether they are your new customers, potential customers or existing ones, where do they come from, which devices they use, which age group they belong to and everything that matter or makes a difference. Secondly, you need to care about the experience you are providing to your customers. If you can deliver that little piece of magic through personalised packaging, the customer who is unpacking a gift on a Christmas eve will surely feel special with his or her name scripted on the delivery box.

This reaction is natural and common for all customers, and therein lies the biggest business opportunities. About 33% of the customers who made frequent online purchases from marketplaces like Amazon, revealed that they form a notion about the quality of the product by looking at the packaging even before opening the box. So, the packaging theme should resonate well with your brand and the customer’s expectations as per the purpose of the purchase. The brand that can understand this “make them feel special” game, wins it.

Using colourful, name scripted packaging is not the only factor you can leverage out of customized packaging. You can lead your customers through the experience as you would like them to do in sequence. Organize the products in your custom packaging as you intend them to be discovered or simply number the packaging as they should be opened. So customized packaging is not only for impressing your customers but also another way to lead the customers through an experience as per your design. Handwritten, name customized letters can be those little bonuses that can upscale your brand image overall and create loyal customers.

Your packaging can not only be your carrier of goods but also a way to tell your business story to your customers. In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, branded ecommerce packaging has been made customized with lots of strategies built into it. When you charge more for a product, you need to incentivise customers in different ways.

Branded packaging is one of those value-added powerful extras which significantly convince your customers that they have invested in a premium brand product. It should make them feel they are buying a lifestyle with extra money and not just a product.

According to Forbes, about 60-80% of customers do not return to shop with the same brands, even if the customer experience was positive. Just delivering the quality product timely will not upgrade your brand as a whole anymore. If your brand is lacking that “Wow factor” it is definitely not retaining customers. Acquiring new customers can cost up to five times the cost of retaining a customer. There’s no question that retaining strategies are far better to use your marketing spend. And if you want to create that “Wow factor” when your customer will open the packaging, then you need to consider how to make your product highlighted.

To impress your customers, to create an unboxing experience which will be worth sharing over social media by your customers, your packaging needs to be a compelling piece of theatre. Customized additions, such as branded packaging, free samples, and personal notes, turn the unpacking of an online order into a moment to cherish.

A world-renowned cosmetic brand sends out their monthly subscription box in a pink box, with every product in a separate zipper bag, with a handwritten note, some fun stickers and a postcard inside it. The customers liked it so much that there 73000 videos over the internet for the unboxing of the box from different customers. So, it is not just about holding out existing customers, it is also a one-time investment you are doing in packaging which can act out as awesome brand loyalty and a rolling free marketing campaign.

In ecommerce, the relationship between the brand and the customer is entirely virtual. The tangibility the Brick and Mortar stores provide from a Brand to its customers are irreplaceable, thus ecommerce businesses need to find ways to create that a personal relationship with the customers and bridge the gap. Customized or personalised packaging for a customer, creates that drama that weaves that connection, tells the story of the brand and makes the customer feel special and establish a lasting relationship.

So, take your time to understand whether your current packaging approach is tailored as per your Brand image. Is it just as any other brand or does it have the ability to stand out? Will it excite your customers and indulge them to share their unboxing videos over different social media? It is definitely worth your time to use branded ecommerce packaging to increase engagement and better reflect the core brand values like in FBA.

The packaging is often an underrated touchpoint for communicating with your customers. But it’s a great method for standing out in the crowd and getting a competitive edge. Creating a grand unboxing experience which is Instagram-worthy can pay off in huge amount because all these will be contents for different user-generated contents to show off to their followers and increase their fanbase.

Small businesses with limited marketing resources can benefit from this kind of marketing scheme and we hope this motivates you to create a memorable experience for your customers and create an impactful brand recall.