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The convergence of omnichannel and physical/digital shopping is creating a wave of changes within fashion and apparel retail. Eunimart is an Omnichannel Commerce platform which helps to boost revenues, customer engagement and lifetime value.

A well planned end-to-end retail execution strategy within fashion and apparel brands starts with:

 Enabling shopper/ buyer – centric digital processes

 Executing a streamlined and updated operations approach (planning, sourcing, stocking and fulfillment/delivering of products in an optimal, localized, smooth and well-integrated manner).

Rapid and frequent changes in shopper preferences, the need to shorten speed to market timelines, and increased revenue and inventory turnover requirements increase pressure on raw materials, transportation, quality control and labour costs. Where relevant, retailers must explore machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Fulfillment, delivery and order accuracy are equally important and can only be guaranteed by strong technological backing. Retailers should focus on creating a single, centralized and scalable distributed order management system that links up all the elements necessary to ensure end-to-end success.